WORLD OF INT UK** 10/2020

WORLD OF INT UK** 10/2020
• ROME DECOR: The 2.000-year-old wall paintings preserved by a landslide
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World of Interiors magazine is a great resource for staying up to speed on ideas and trends in the field of home décor. This compelling read enriches its readers with beautiful pictures, helpful hints, and an innovative design sensibility, which is sure to add an essential touch of charm to the style of your living space. Magazine subscribers get access to original and exciting ideas in the world of fashion and interior design.
Every issue is valuable for its fresh take on the art of interior design. In its pages, you'll read a main article highlighting an exciting development in the latest home fashions. The magazine's features are always written in an open, friendly style to appeal to any reader, while its brilliant illustrations can help to illuminate even the most exotic design concepts.
World of Interiors magazine's style of writing is snappy and fresh. The magazine is rich with innovations in modern décor, ranging from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchen spaces and closets. Have you been feeling the need to bring the elegance of the world's most beautiful homes to life, or just to put the house in order with some helpful ideas for organizing clutter? World of Interiors magazine is just the friend you've been looking for
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